Freshman Survival Tips

TAMIU campus Preparation before your freshman year can be the secret to a successful college experience. Knowing the subtle tips and tricks of getting around and knowing how to avoid conflict can make your first year go as smooth as butter.

Ask for directions

aerial view of TAMIU campus

TAMIU is a large campus with more than 15 different buildings, so make your life easier by asking the friendly staff for directions. You never know when asking a stranger for help might lead to a new friendship!

Soak in the culture

senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center at TAMIUThere are countless ways to get involved on campus at TAMIU. Join a Mariachi club or run for office in the Student Government Association. You'll discover communities of passionate peo-ple that share the same interests as you. TAMIU also has an intensive study abroad program and they hold annual events to expose students to new cultures. Events such as the Holi Festi-val of Colors, Chinese New Year and Café du Monde give students the opportunity to explore these cultures without leaving the campus.

Be a smart parker

parking lotParking at a large college campus is an issue all across the nation. Instead of getting frustrated with it, think of it as an opportunity to become a morning person since arriving by 8 a.m. gives you the best odds at finding a spot. Don't forget to pay attention to areas you can and can't park in. Read signs closely as some parking spaces only allow specific hours with certain pass-es, if any at all. When in doubt, ask for help!

Watch out for the wildlife

deer roaming around TAMIU campus

TAMIU is proud of the wildlife they have surrounding the campus. Be cautious of the skunks, rattlesnakes, and even mountain lions that have been known to occasionally peruse around the area. They won't bother you if you don't bother them. White tail deer and javalinas have also made the campus their home so admire your slice of wildlife between classes.