Explore campus with Balfour's Curt Langford

On Campus with Curt: University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania campusThe University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was founded in 1740 and relocated from its downtown campus to West Philadelphia, adjacent the Schuylkill River in the 1870s.

University of Pennsylvania campusWith a current endowment of $7.7 billion, the Ivy League institution's motto is <em>Leges sine moribus vanae</em> meaning “Laws without morals are in vain.” UPenn considers itself the fourth oldest institution of higher education and the first to offer both undergraduate and graduate studies. Founder Benjamin Franklin advocated an educational program that focused as much on practical education for commerce and public service as on the classics and theology.

University of Pennsylvania campusThe campus' historic buildings are connected by the historic Locust Walk featuring decades of class gift designations along its path.

University of Pennsylvania campusNicknamed the Quakers, notable Penn alumni include 2012 presidential candidate and Utah governor, Jon Huntsman; long-serving senator, Arlen Specter; past Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell; Supreme Court justices, William Brennan, Owen Roberts and James Wilson; Zynga (Farmville) founder, Mark Pinkus; Warren Buffett; Donald Trump; Harvard President, Drew Gilpan Faust; Northwestern University President, Morton Schapiro; University of California President, Mark Yudoff; and football legend, John Heisman.