Four can’t-miss events at UTD

The University of Texas at Dallas knows when and how to have a good time. Students at UTD have an endless calendar of events to choose from with events taking place during fall Welcome Week, Homecoming and Spring Break. It’s a great way to connect with classmates and meet friends. And best of all, all of these events are free to students.



(alt text: Splatter Dance on the first night of Springapalooza) Every March, UTD holds its annual Springapalooza where students can find free snow cones and various giveaways. Activities like the splatter dance, casino night and comedy night are part of the event put on by the Student Union Advisory Board. Springapalooza is held to welcome students back from spring break and make going back to class a little less painful. It’s also a great event for those students who spent spring break working or volunteering.

Silent Disco

(alt text: Silent Disco taken by @redzraghu92 on Instagram) UTD throws a silent disco in August of every year to kick off the fall semester. Students dance around to their favorite music using wireless headphones. Not feeling a beat? Just switch the channel on the headphones to explore multiple DJs spinning. If dancing or loud music isn’t your thing, the Silent Disco can still be enjoyed as a great people-watching event. Without headphones, it’s as if everyone around you is silently dancing to three different beats.

Laser Battle

(alt text: Laser Battle and the University Recreation center) There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping into a virtual 3D video game at the annual Laser Battle event. Did you know laser tag was invented in Dallas? According to the Dallas Morning News, George Carter invented the game back in 1984 when he opened his first Photon Entertainment. So it’s no surprise UTD holds its annual Laser Battle to welcome students to the fall semester. It’s a great way to make new friends—or frenemies.

Nighttime 5k

(alt text: Runners in glow sticks get ready for the Night Time 5k) Running might not be everyone’s forte, but running at night with glow sticks doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Join UTD during homecoming weekend to kick off the football season and burn extra calories from all those summer late night Whataburger trips. There you have it! These are just a handful of notable events happening at The University of Texas at Dallas. Check out the school’s calendar for even more events to attend—in between study breaks, of course.